What is Proximity Marketing and why should I care?

Prepare yourselves for the least professionally written article ever written by professional kind…

The goal of proximity marketing is to connect physical objects and locations with digital properties, similar to what you see with the Internet of Things. We want traditionally brick and mortar type businesses to take advantage of the resources made available to online businesses.

Think of it this way, your typical mom and pop store doesn’t get to make an email list or put Facebook tracking pixels on store visitors. It’s not a digital environment. Proximity market is there to make that possible. We have a few tools that we rely on to accomplish this:

– Bluetooth beacons

– NFC tags, and

– (Other things like QR codes, RFID tags, and so on)

The most popular of these tools are Bluetooth beacons. What these little guys do is emit a signal, via Bluetooth, to nearby mobile devices. Android phones come with a built-in feature called Nearby that can automatically detect these signals. iOS devices have to take some extra steps, like downloading a special app. Once received, these notifications show up like any other notification – like Facebook. The user then taps on that notification and it takes them to a website. So, when just one tap, your retail location visitor is now on your website, signing up for your email list in order to get news, special offers, or whatever other goodies you’re providing them. Not only that, but you can now promote to them directly on Facebook, thanks to the Facebook tracking pixel. They can watch YouTube video reviews of the product that’s right in front of them. They can share their purchase with their friends on social media, too. 

NFC tags work in a very similar way, they just have a much shorter range than beacons and are built on a different platform. They’re a lot cheaper, too.

It sounds like some kind of techno-magic (does that make me a technomancer?) and too impossibly cool to be true – but it is true, and it’s not as hard to set up as you think. 

We have a whole YouTube channel dedicated to proximity marketing, so if you would like to see how to set these devices up, including NFC tags, we invite you to check it out. 

We believe that proximity marketing is going to be the next, best marketing tool. It allows you to talk to your customers, to provide them additional value, and it helps you improve their buying experience. To summarize, we believe that the main benefit to these devices isn’t just to get new customers but to gain repeat customers. 

If you’re thinking about how to use Bluetooth beacons or NFC tags for your business, please get in touch with us. We’re happy to help.